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Henna Natural Hair Colour High Quality 100% Natural NaturaList

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Iranian Henna Natural Hair Colour High Quality 100% Natural

Iranian henna is an organic herbal remedy designed for persistent hair coloring (2 to 8 weeks). Consists of powder young leaves of the subtropical plant Lawsonia Inermis, grown on the best plantations in Iran.
Iranian henna adjusts to the original hair color and dyes in beautiful shades with tints from orange-red to wine-copper. Gives colored hair an interesting "glow" effect, visually increases volume.
Iranian henna is what you need if you:
  • already using henna for hair coloring;
  • prefer rich hair shades;
  • took a long break after chemical staining;
  • you cannot use ordinary hair dyes (you are hypersensitive to their chemical components);
  • you are an expectant or nursing mother.

Natural coloring and effective hair strengthening. For coloring, stimulating growth, conditioning, and adding shine to hair.

Improves the structure, prevents hair loss, strengthens their roots, eliminates dandruff, itching. Smoothes hair makes it easier to comb. It is especially recommended in case of hypersensitivity to chemical components of conventional hair dyes.

How to use:

Place 25-50 g of henna (depending on the length of the hair) in a convenient earthenware or plastic dish and, gradually adding hot water (90-100 ° C), mix until a homogeneous mass (gruel) is obtained. Apply the slightly cooled mass evenly with a brush to the hair, previously washed and dried with a towel, and put on an insulating cap. After the dyeing time selected from the table has elapsed, rinse the hair well with warm water. The use of soap, shampoos for shampooing is recommended 3 days after staining.

Original color: light blond; Staining time: 5-30 min; Expected color: to light chestnut.

Original color: light brown; Staining time: 20-30 min; Expected color: to chestnut.

Original color: dark blond; Staining time: 30-50 min; Expected color: to copper.

Original color: dark brown-haired; Staining time: 50-60 min; Expected color: to dark chestnut.

The proposed table is indicative, the resulting color depends on the structure, thickness, and original hair color.

For Hair Strengthening: Apply the prepared mass to the hair roots for 3-5 minutes. Fine, soft, previously discolored hair may be slightly discolored.

It is not recommended to dye your hair with henna for two weeks before and after using chemical hair dyes, bleaching or perming.

Brand: NaturaList
Volume: 25 ml
Barcode: 4602121003807



Lawsonia Inermis (henna) Iranian

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Henna Natural Hair Colour High Quality 100% Natural NaturaList

Henna Natural Hair Colour High Quality 100% Natural NaturaList