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    SKINLITE is a truly relevant line of cosmetic for fast and effective facial skin care.

    The modern rhythm of life requires high activity from a woman; therefore, many women face the problem of lack of time to care for their skin. A SKINLITE cosmetic comes to help. SKINLITE cosmetic line compact and comfortable and allows you to care for your skin in any situation. Now you don’t need any more to take jars and bottles together with you, it’s enough to put a convenient, compact SKINLITE package in your cosmetic bag and wherever you are, you can enjoy a pleasant cosmetic procedure and your skin will always look as if you have just visited a beauty salon.

    One of the important advantages of cosmetics SKINLITE – is that each package is a mini-portion, and the exact dosage ensures optimal effect.

    SKINLITE is an effective cosmetic containing natural ingredients that can penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin cleansing, nourishing and moisturizing it. The technology complied with the highest European quality standards.

    SKINLITE offers a variety of programs that allow you to use it during all stages of skin care.

    Cleansing, deep cleansing, prevention and control of the occurrence of acne.
    Moisturizing, softening, nutrition.
    Eye zone’ skin care programs.

    With the line of SKINLITE cosmetics you will always stay charming, young and beautiful!
    2 products
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    Skinlite Express Heel Peeling Against Dryness, Cracking, Corns and Calluses, 1 pair in sachet