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    Daily hair loss is a natural process of skin renewal. But what to do if the hair has become several times less, and bald patches are visible on the head? In this case, it is necessary to reconsider your lifestyle and nutrition, and in some cases it will be most effective to seek help from a professional trichologist and engage in complex hair treatment.

    Signs of hair loss

    •     more than 15 hairs fall out after shampooing;
    •     a large amount of hair remains on the comb;
    •     separate “islands” without hair appear on the head;
    •     there may be partial loss of eyelashes and eyebrows;
    •     itching and peeling of the scalp.

    Hair loss often indicates the presence of certain disorders or diseases in the body. To properly deal with the problem of alopecia (baldness), you need to understand the reasons for its occurrence.

    Hair Loss Causes

    •     genetic predisposition;
    •     the action of harmful chemicals, radiation - often hair loss occurs after chemotherapy in the treatment of oncology;
    •     the development of autoimmune diseases;
    •     diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
    •     impaired blood circulation to the scalp and cervical spine;
    •     the development of infections, the spread of parasites;
    •     previous operations and injuries;
    •     improper diet or grueling diets;
    •     lack of vitamins in the body;
    •     severe stress, depression;
    •     long-term use of medicines.


    The causes of baldness listed above apply to both men and women. However, let's take a closer look at the causes of hair loss in women. Most often, the cause of an unpleasant problem can be changes in the hormonal background of a woman. Increased hair loss in women often begins several weeks after childbirth and can last up to several months. This often happens due to increased levels of stress, fatigue, lack of sleep, and a decrease in the level of protein in the body.

    During pregnancy itself, hair can also fall out, especially if the expectant mother does not follow a balanced diet. Baldness occurs due to nutritional deficiencies, since most of the nutrients and nutrients are spent on maintaining the health of the baby in the womb.

    The body of a woman over the age of 40 is again undergoing hormonal changes due to the fact that it prepares for menopause. The unstable emotional state of a woman during this period and a decrease in metabolism also affect the condition of the hair follicles, the hair is insufficiently nourished and weakened.

    As for improper hair care: constant use of a hair dryer, curling iron or hair straightener, dyeing with chemicals, etc. only aggravate the existing problem and can hardly become the true cause of baldness on its own. 

    2 products
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