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Belcosmet - About us

Belcosmet is a beauty and skincare online shop based in UK. We bring you the best beauty products that are mostly or completely made from natural ingredients and don't contain aggressive chemicals. All products have their ingredients listed in the description.

We launched this company for firmly believers that skin health is essential and, indeed, beautiful. Being professionals with years of experience in beauty industry, we bring you the cosmetic products we honestly trust in.

It is our policy that health and beauty must be affordable. We wisely choose our suppliers so that our customers don't overpay for a quality skincare products. All the skin care brands we present in our shop have gone through a detailed research. 

We stay on a very top of industry trends, collaborating  with beauty specialists, dermatologists, and manufacturers of high-quality cosmetic products. 

We’re not interested in products that are famous due advertisement, we rely only on real people opinion. We work with focus groups of various skin types and age range to test the products.

All products are 100% genuine, supplied directly from manufacturers around the world.

At Belcosmet we firmly believe every person is unique and beautiful in their own way. In our strive to provide the best products we only offer products that are not only completely safe to use but do deliver best results for a great looking skin and hair. And that is what every person truly deserves!

Belcosmet is a trade name of Aelita Ltd (the company registered in England, company number 11566161) that is a distributor of Belarus cosmetic brands Belita, Belita-M, Vitex, Belcocmex, Liv Delano and many others in the UK. Majority of cosmetic products offered for sale on this website comply with EC Regulation 1223/2009, including notification in CPNP system with dedicated CPNP number and PIF file.