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Gift Set #5 - Secrets of Beauty



BRAND: Belcosmet


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This wonderful gift pack is the perfect present for a friend or for treating yourself!
Celebrate each day as a new beginning with these skincare products - maintain skin hydration for the whole day. Free Cosmetic Organizer Makeup Bag.
Gift Set #5 includes:
Facial Night MASK ANTISTRESS Hydrogel with Snail Mucin and pink hibiscus HAPPY TIME BELITA - 90 ml
Easy Cleansing Micellar Makeup Remover Water BELITA - 150 ml
Make-Up Primer Foundation AMORE BELITA - 30 ml
Matt foundation face powder clear. LAB colour BELITA - 30 ml
BURNEY Hair Mask with Burdock and Nettle Extract 100% NATURAL Nature ArtColour - 30 ml
Cosmetic Organizer Makeup Bag - 27cm*17cm*14cm - 1 pc
  • Facial Night MASK ANTISTRESS Hydrogel with Snail Mucin and pink hibiscus HAPPY TIME BELITA - Full size
Active hydrogel mask – a combination of natural anti-stress components that work productively throughout the night so that in the morning you can enjoy the result:
  • hydrated, regenerated, firm skin
  • smoothing fine wrinkles
  • fresh, rested, radiant look
The soft pink gel is saturated with very effective natural ingredients that are specifically designed for the maximum effectiveness on skin, reducing the negative effects of overwork, stress and lack of sleep. Thanks to its gel-like texture, the mask is also suitable for oil-prone skin.
Snail mucin deeply moisturizes the skin from the inside and retains moisture in the cells, preventing dehydration. It starts the regeneration processes in each epidermis cell, making the skin supple and elastic, smoothing, and tightening.
Pink hibiscus strengthens the protective functions of the skin, helping it to resist the negative effects of environmental factors, enforcing the silky smoothness and radiance of your skin.
Regular use of the mask helps reduce wrinkles, as well as wipes out traces of overwork and stress from the face so that the skin looks relaxed and full of vitality.
  • Easy Cleansing Micellar Makeup Remover Water - Full size

Micellar water for makeup removal “Easy Cleansing” perfectly removes makeup from the face and eyelids, provides quick and easy cleansing of the skin.

The complex of active ingredients (kiwi extract, Wildberry Harvest, allantoin):

• gently cleanses the skin from impurities

• effectively tones the skin

• gives the face freshness and a sense of comfort

• removes unwanted shine and improves complexion

• does not contain oil

• suitable for extended eyelashes

Micellar makeup remover water “Easy Cleansing” is a high-quality makeup remover. With the purchase of micellar water, the process of evening washing will pass quickly and efficiently. “Careful care” cleans pores from impurities, moisturizes and nourishes your skin. You can use the tool in the sensitive areas of the eyelids, lips.

  • Make-Up Primer Foundation AMORE BELITA - Full size

The clear gel foundation primer combines with amazing properties:

It makes the subsequent application of a foundation or a powder simple. Due to “breathing” gel, the foundation primer fills a skin micro-relief, small wrinkles, and pores that prevent the accumulation of a foundation in them. It lets skin breathe.

It gets quickly absorbed.

  • Matt foundation face powder clear. LAB colour - Full size

Liquid powder based on mineral components conceals skin blemishes and evens out the complexion.

The powder has a soft and velvety texture and evenly covers facial skin with a gentle veil eliminating greasy glow.

It creates a light matte coating that is imperceptible on skin and provides skin respiration and does not fill in pores.

  • BURNEY Hair Mask with Burdock and Nettle Extract 100% NATURAL Nature ArtColour - Full size
Deep recovery and nutrition

Strengthening and recovery

Mask for weak and prone to hair loss

The series “Home Masks” is created on the basis of the best folk recipes for hair care, time-tested, and millions of women. Thanks to modern technologies, traditional formulations are enriched with “living”, which have retained all the healing properties of plants, CO2-extracts, which increases the effectiveness of the mask several times. It takes only 7 minutes for your hair to be filled with vitality, beauty, and health.

Burdock nourishes and strengthens the roots, blocks the action of enzymes that cause hair loss, and normalizes growth.

Horsetail removes fragility, restores volume, and splendour.

Nettle strengthens the hair roots, nourishes, stimulates the blood supply to the scalp.

Wormwood returns a healthy look, shine and strength.

Brand: Belita - Vitex - ArtColour


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Gift Set #5 - Secrets of Beauty

Gift Set #5 - Secrets of Beauty