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Gift Set #2 - Skin Happiness





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Gift Set #2 - Skin Happiness

This wonderful gift pack is the perfect present for a friend or for treating yourself!
With these essential skincare products, fine lines are smoothed out and the skin is newly hydrated. Free Cosmetic Organizer Makeup Bag.

Gift Set #2 includes:

Micellar Water makeup removal 72-hour moisturising Hyaluronic Acid Mezo Belita - 150 ml
Protection & Moisturising Facial Spray Screen Belita - 115 ml
Aqua Super Active Super-hydrating Face BB Cream Belita - 30 ml
Eyeliner pencil Cream Eye Pencil 07 White LuxVisage - 8 ml
White clay with Cucumber Extract Whitening 100% Natural Lutumtherapia ArtColour - 60 g
Cosmetic Organizer Makeup Bag - 27cm*17cm*14cm - 1 pc
  • Micellar Water makeup removal 72-hour moisturising Hyaluronic Acid Mezo Belita - 150 ml - Full size
MezoWater effectively removes makeup from the face and eyelids, cleanses the skin from impurities, instantly gives a feeling of freshness and hydration thanks to intensely moisturising components.

Pentavitin® deeply moisturises the skin and retains moisture for 72 hours *, strengthens the skin, gives it softness, and a radiant healthy look.
Hyaluronic acid intensively moisturises the skin, increases its elasticity, improves appearance.

As a result, the skin becomes clean, fresh, and moisturized.

* The effect is achieved after 1 month, the effectiveness is proven by DSM Switzerland.
  • Light Moisturising and Matting Facial Cream Smooths and Minimise Pores Belita - Full size

– instantly moisturises and eliminates oily sheen

– normalises the sebaceous glands

– smooths and mask pores

The active components of the multi-functional cream provide comprehensive care for problem skin: intensively moisturize and maintain an optimal moisture balance for 24 hours, soothe, regulate the production of sebum, increase skin resistance to harmful bacteria, narrow and mask pores, matte, even out skin tone and surface. The cream is quickly absorbed and does not leave a sticky film.

  • Aqua Super Active Super-hydrating Face BB Cream Belita- Full size
  • deeply moisturises the skin
  • evens out and improves tone
  • gives a healthy glow

Universal Tone

A multi-functional beauty product with a light delicate texture covers the skin with a silk veil and transforms it: moisturises and gives a healthy glow, improving skin tone. The active components of the BB cream fill each skin cell with moisture up to the 6th layer of the epidermis, increase elasticity, and smooth out fine wrinkles.

Special tinting pigments smooth the surface of the skin, highlight and give a perfectly even tone. Moisturised skin becomes smooth, supple, and velvety for a long time. The complexion is uniform, the skin radiates freshness and radiance.

  • Eyeliner pencil Cream Eye Pencil 07 White LuxVisage - full size

The eyeliner adds expressiveness to the look and perfectly complements your makeup.

The Luxvisage eyeliner collection is your secret weapon for long-lasting, expressive makeup. It will accentuate the shape of your eyes and add an accent color to your makeup. The soft and rich texture of the pencil is great for applying and shading.


Texture: Medium Soft;
Finish: matte / pearlescent;
Useful: vitamins E and C;
Features: rich formula, suitable for shading.

Using eyeliner, draw a neat line along the base of the lashes from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner.

If desired, the pencil can be used as shadows.

  • White clay with Cucumber Extract Whitening 100% Natural Lutumtherapia ArtColour - full size
White clay is a gentle natural scrub with trace elements that can visibly refresh your complexion. This type of clay is the softest and is suitable for all skin types.
Kaolin removes pigmentation on the face and body. Thanks to the complex action of microelements, white clay contributes to the nutrition and regeneration of skin cells, the formation of collagen, and the disappearance of fine wrinkles, an instant improvement in complexion. High cleansing properties and the ability to remove toxins and toxins make it possible to use white clay for wrapping.

White or porcelain clay (kaolin) is rich in silica, zinc, magnesium, and is rich in useful mineral salts. Especially useful for thin and de-mineralized skin. White clay has a regenerating effect on skin cells, softens skin tightening, and removes flaking. Regular use of white clay delays the formation of wrinkles and removes laxity of the skin, promoting rejuvenation. Cosmetic masks made of white clay give the skin firmness and elasticity, reduce pores, and smooth wrinkles. Remove impurities and dead cells from the skin surface.

Cucumber extract enhances the whitening properties of white clay, moisturizes and soothes the skin, promotes nutrition, regeneration, and rejuvenation.
Also, white clay helps to stop hair loss and strengthens coarse and brittle hair, promotes the formation of strong hair in the hair follicle, prevents fragility and hair loss. Prevents dandruff formation.

Warm compresses made of white clay stimulate metabolic and reparative processes in tissues. Local white clay baths reduce horny deposits and soften rough skin on the hands, elbows, and legs, and promote healing of small cracks and cuts. Baths with white clay eliminate excessive sweating, soften and cleanse the skin well, relieve fatigue after physical exertion and improve metabolic processes in tissues, and help dissolve salt deposits.

Brand: Belita - Vitex - ArtColour




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Gift Set #2 - Skin Happiness

Gift Set #2 - Skin Happiness