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Gift Set #1 - Clean Moisturise Rejuvenate





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Gift Set #1 - Clean Moisturise Rejuvenate!

This wonderful gift pack is a perfect present for a friend or an ideal choice for treating yourself!
Create a moment of happiness every day with the products in this set. Get a Free Cosmetic Organiser Makeup Bag with every order!

Gift Set #1 includes:

Facial Mask 7. It Uses Deep Cleansing Whitening Toning Moisturiser Rejuvenation Belita - 120 ml
Light Moisturising and Matting Facial Cream - Smooths and Minimises Pores Belita - 40 ml
Micellar Water Make-Up Remover 0% Alcohol, 0% Dyes. For Sensitive Skin Belita - 145 ml
Mascara False Eyelash Effect Vitex Belita - 8 ml
Pink Rejuvenating Clay with Rose Extract 100% Natural Lutumtherapia ArtColour - 60g
Cosmetic Organiser Makeup Bag - 27cm*17cm*14cm - 1 pc

Facial Mask 7 Uses Deep Cleansing Whitening Toning Moisturiser Rejuvenation Belita - Full size

Restoring Care + 7 Variants of Transformation Daily Light Facial Mask-Transformer

Get the maximum with the Mask-Transformer – a wonderful means of the new generation!

Extra moisturising - Super nourishment - Deep cleansing - Rejuvenation - Whitening - Beautiful complexion - Toning

Thanks to the light texture and balanced formula, you can use the mask as a daily cream to provide your skin with complete care – moisturising, nourishing, restoring, and smoothing. Depending on the individual needs of the skin, you can transform the mask formula by adding and enhancing its action with highly effective and at the same time accessible natural ingredients.

Light Moisturising and Matting Facial Cream Smooths and Minimise Pores Belita - Full size

– instantly moisturizes and eliminates oily sheen

– normalizes the sebaceous glands

– smooths and mask pores

The active components of the multi-functional cream provide comprehensive care for problem skin: intensively moisturize and maintain an optimal moisture balance for 24 hours, soothe, regulate the production of sebum, increase skin resistance to harmful bacteria, narrow and mask pores, matte, even out skin tone and surface. The cream is quickly absorbed and does not leave a sticky film.

Micellar Water Make-Up Remover 0% Alcohol 0% Dyes for Sensitive Skin Belita - Full size

suitable for sensitive skin

Micellar water is a luxurious gentle cleanser. Thanks to the soft action of micelles (special particles that attract dirt like a magnet) it effectively and delicately removes makeup.

Contains extract of white water lily, which moisturises and provides a gently skin care.

0% alcohol

0% dyes

Does not leave a greasy film, does not require rinsing

Mascara False Eyelash Effect Vitex Belita - Full size

False Lashes mascara creates an irresistible false lash effect in an instant. An innovative ergonomic brush with bristles of different lengths simultaneously perfectly colours each lash, thickens and lengthens, while separating and curling, making the look wide open and expressive.

Hush! This is your secret weapon.

Pink Rejuvenating Clay with Rose Extract 100% Natural Lutumtherapia ArtColour - Full size

Pink clay is a great natural remedy for rejuvenating and restoring the beauty of your skin. The rich mineral composition of the clay effectively cleanses and saturates the skin with oxygen and microelements, activates the processes of epidermal cell regeneration.

Pink clay gently cares for dull and tired skin, smooths fine wrinkles, refreshes the complexion and tones the skin, and promotes healing of skin cracks. Thanks to its strong antioxidant effect, rose extract improves complexion, gently cares for tired skin, and helps smooth wrinkles.

Pink clay improves blood circulation and oxygenation of the skin. Pink clay has a particularly beneficial effect on dull and dull skin, gives it vitality, a feeling of freshness, and removes toxins. Pink clay stimulates the process of cell renewal, thereby contributing to the long-term preservation of your youth, improving the beauty, strengthening the health of the face and body.

Cosmetic masks made of pink clay rejuvenate and soften the skin, eliminating dry and obsolete epidermis. It removes dirt and excess oil that clogs pores and promotes regeneration and healing of cracked skin.

Warm compresses made of pink clay stimulate metabolic and reparative processes in tissues. Local baths of pink clay reduce horny deposits and soften rough skin on the hands, elbows, and legs, and promote healing of small cracks and cuts.

Baths with pink clay relieve fatigue well, have a tonic effect, improve metabolic processes in tissues, and soften the skin of the body.

Brand: Belita - Vitex - ArtColour




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Gift Set #1 - Clean Moisturise Rejuvenate

Gift Set #1 - Clean Moisturise Rejuvenate