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Basis + nail polish fixer

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BRAND: Belita


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It is both the basis and fixer of nail polish. The base prepares the nail plate for applying varnish and allows you to achieve a perfectly even coating. When used as a fixative, it speeds up the drying time of the varnish, increases the durability of the varnish and gives additional gloss.

Please your hands with high-quality Belarusian cosmetics, and their neat well-groomed appearance will delight others. Use the product from the famous Belita brand 2 in 1, and you will be pleasantly surprised by the result.

Apply cosmetic as a base under the varnish. This simple procedure will allow you to smooth the surface of the nail plate for a more even application of varnish, prevent coloring pigments and harmful chemicals in the varnish from getting on it. In addition, the base coat makes the manicure more durable.

As a topcoat, the fixative protects the varnish from chips and cracking. After applying the product, drying of the nails will become quick, and the nail plate will gain a luxurious glossy shine. Your manicure will be impeccable, and all this thanks to just one remedy.

Method of application: apply one layer of the preparation on a fat-free nail plate, then varnish the nails. After the varnish has dried, apply another 1 coat of the product.

Brand: Belita
Volume: 9 ml
Barcode: 4810153019295


Dosage: Check the Application section

Expiry date: 6+ months, see the packaging

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Department: Health&Beauty

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Basis + nail polish fixer

Basis + nail polish fixer

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