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    Based on scientific discoveries about the mechanisms of formation of fat deposits, specialists of the Scientific Center of VITEX have created the ULTRA SLIM line, aimed at activation of slimming processes, elimination of cellulite and formation of beautiful, clear contours of the body.

    Enhanced formulas of means combine the effectiveness of natural active components with the latest achievements in the field of cosmetology and aesthetic medicine.

    Specially developed complexes have a proven effect:

        The powerful Symfit* complex reduces fat volume by 35% in four weeks.

    - Reduces the volume of fat cells by 35%.
    - Blocks the filling of fat cells with fat by 55%.
    - Stimulates fat breakdown by 60%.
    - Slows down the formation of new fat cells by 80%.

        Pro-Sveltyl** natural lipolytic complex in just 8 weeks

    - Reduces waist circumference by up to 5 cm.
    - Reduces hip circumference to 4.5 cm.

    *Proven by Symrise (Germany) **proven by Silab (France).

    Active ingredients:

        Slim Exess accelerates the breakdown of fat cells, promotes the synthesis of collagen, significantly improves skin elasticity.
        Goji berries have powerful antioxidant properties, accelerate the removal of toxins and excess fluid from cells, improve collagen production.
        Wakame algae have a powerful lymphatic drainage effect, stimulate the active removal of excess fluid and toxins from the cells, allowing a quick and noticeable reduction in the abdomen and waist.
        Fucus promotes effective slimming and modeling of body contours, firms and tightens the skin, stimulates the production of new collagen fibers, which reduces and smoothes out even the pronounced cellulite.
        Natural coffee actively massages the skin, gently sloughs off dead cells, polishes and smoothes the skin, preparing it for the other products of the line and significantly increases their effectiveness.
        Caffeine activates metabolic processes in cells, accelerates fat burning and helps quickly get rid of extra centimeters around the waist, thighs, buttocks and other problem areas.
        Coconut chips and sugar microcrystals provide an intensive skin massage, exfoliate keratinized cells, stimulate the lymphatic drainage function of the epidermis and make the skin extremely smooth and silky.
        Ginger accelerates metabolism in the cells, accelerates the breakdown of fat, stimulates the renewal process, has a pronounced lifting and anti-cellulite effect.
        Red pepper increases blood flow to problem areas, stimulates microcirculation, helps remove excess fluid and toxins from cells, improves skin tone.
        Hyaluronic acid and vitamin E deeply moisturize and firm the skin, improve its elasticity, prevent stretch marks.
        Grapefruit helps to normalize metabolic processes in the skin and gradually eliminate cellulite, contributes to long-term retention of the results achieved.
        Green tea tones the skin, improves its elasticity and firmness.
        Macadamia, shea butter, avocado, apricot, coconut, sweet almond, jojoba and grape seed oils deeply moisturize the skin, improve its firmness and elasticity, make it smooth, soft and silky, prevent the appearance of stretch marks.
        A harmonious silhouette can be both seductively rounded

        or airy and graceful, but in any case taut. It doesn't matter what number you see on the scale in the morning, because even very thin girls can have cellulite, and girls who seem to be overweight can have beautiful, clear shapes and firm, smooth skin.

    Cellulite is found in 80% of women ages 20-35 and in more than 95% of those over 35. Statistically, cellulite is most commonly found on the buttocks and thighs (96% of cases), on the abdomen and knees (44%) and on the arms (16-40% depending on age characteristics). According to epidemiological studies, it is more common in fair-skinned women than in Asian women. Cellulite manifestations may also occur in men, but much less frequently.

    Possible causes of cellulite
    1.     Unbalanced diet and drinking habits: love of fast food, fatty, sweet and heavy foods, insufficient intake of clean water.
    2.     Sedentary lifestyle: sedentary work, lack of physical activity.
    3.     Stresses, lack of sleep and nervous tension.
    4.     Bad habits: alcohol, smoking, excessive consumption of coffee.

    Often after losing weight, especially dramatic weight loss, body contours do not look clear and firm as the skin loses elasticity, and stretch marks may even appear. This occurs because the skin is stretched due to fat deposits and does not have time to quickly regain its former tone. Using special products can not only speed up the process of losing weight, but also make the skin smooth, smooth and elastic, as well as prevent the appearance of stretch marks.


    10 products
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    Eyebrow Pencil Brow Bar Ultra Slim 302 Soft Brown LuxVisage
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    Eyebrow Pencil Brow Bar Ultra Slim 305 Medium Brown LuxVisage | Belcosmet
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