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    Daily skin care at home is always relevant, regardless of the time of year or a long quarantine. BELITA presents its new peel line "Peel Home. Home Care" and a collection of serums "Serum Home. Home Care" serums that make it easy and effective to keep your skin looking and feeling beautiful and healthy when used in your home care.
    Skin always needs intensive care: nourishment, vitamins and microelements.
    A concentrated cosmetic serum is a simple and effective way to keep your skin healthy and beautiful.

    6 products
    Face And Eyes Comfort Serum "5% Complex STOP-cuperose" "Serum Home" Belita
    96% Hyaluron Concentrate Super Serum for Face and Neck "Serum Home" Belita
    Peeling For Problematic Skin: 5% Salicylic Acid, Azelaic Acid, Almond Acid "Peel Home" Belita
    Facial and Neck Active Serum "5% Complex Vitamin ACEFB" "Serum Home" Belita
    Face And Neck Rejuvenation Serum 4% Copper Peptides + Probiotics "Serum Home" Belita
    Post-peeling serum for face and neck "Revitalising Care" Serum Home - Belita