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    The history of ArtColour сompany began in 1996 with the most traditional hair dyes in the world history - henna and basma. Having interacted with Indian and Iranian partners over the years, the company has become an expert in the production of natural dyes and occupies a leading position in the segment of herbal hair dyes, and since 2010 has been actively developing its own production of natural and safe skin care cosmetics.

    Values ​​and benefits:
    From the first days of ArtColour's work, only the best natural ingredients have been used: henna, basma, clays, salts, extracts and oils of medicinal plants.

    All products comply with the strict standards of the cosmetics industry and are successfully certified for the highest quality category with the right to place the appropriate label on the packaging.

    ArtColour uses advanced technologies in the creation and production of cosmetic products. The research laboratory is systematically developing new products that meet both the needs of our consumers and the leading market trends.

    Modern German and Italian equipment allows you to control quality at all stages of production: from the audit of raw materials to technical control of all shipped consignments of goods. We use only modern packaging materials that comply with the 76/768 EU directive on cosmetics.

    ArtColour is a client-oriented company, the company's specialists are a successful team of professionals in the field of cosmetology and management who are able to quickly and efficiently cope with any tasks on the way to your success.
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