Top 10 mistakes in skincare

The shelf in your bathroom is probably full of random jars and tubs with expensive cosmetics, yet you’re still not pleased with what you see in the mirror? Perhaps you’ve taken the wrong approach to caring for your skin.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 most popular mistakes in skincare that nullify all of our expectations to look younger and healthier. Check these mistakes and consider whether you may be doing these yourself.

  1. Incorrectly selecting the wrong age category of cosmetics

“35+”, “45+”, “55+” are not marketing ploys of cosmetic manufacturers. Behind these numbers is painstaking work to create the most effective composition of ingredients in accordance to age-related needs of the skin. You should not underestimate these recommendations and stop choosing products because “I just liked the look of it” or “my friend recommended it to me”. Your skin is different to someone else’s skin – a moisturiser will have a different effect on your skin in comparison to someone else.

  1. Aggressive cleansing

If you like to cleanse your skin to a ‘squeaky clean’ feel, you should know that each wash causes serious stress to your skin. If your skin is dry, feels too tight or peels – this is a cry for help.

This also includes the excessive use of scrubs with large particles (damaging the top layer of your skin), and the love of using alcohol-based products that dries out the epidermis.

Replace those aggressive products with more gentler ones, and your skin will thank you with its tenderness. Modern cosmetology allows you to achieve excellent cleansing without rough treatment or mechanical action – the exfoliant mask from Belcosmet alongside the exfoliating silk sponges of the LuxCare series, with all its delicacy, will give the skin true purity and freshness.

  1. Avoiding products with SPF protection

Sunscreens are not a specific ‘seasonal’ necessity as it is sometimes thought. The sun’s rays are aggressive during, both, the summer and winter – so creams, serums and toners containing SPF should be your constant companion in your skincare for the fight for beautiful skin.

  1. Lack of care for your neck and décolleté

The skin of the neck and décolleté requires are much care as your face does, but for some reason, it always gets neglected. Create a rule for yourself that when you are doing your daily skincare routine, you include these areas as well. The first signs of aging occur precisely here with the first signs of wrinkles.

Important – it also needs protection from ultraviolet radiation!

  1. Not washing off your makeup

Everyone knows that taking off your makeup in the evening is a must (at least we hope that you don’t go to sleep before the essential cleansing), but not all women do this right. Why spend money on intricate and specialised products if you can just use soap and water, right? Wrong! This is the biggest mistake yet!

Micellar water or hydrophilic oil is very effective in the removal of makeup and, at the same time, cleanses the skin – with their help, you are guaranteed to get rid of those microscope particles of cosmetics left on your skin, and at the same time prepare the skin for a night’s rest.

  1. The Night and Day cream jar confusion

No, they are not the same – even if they’re from same line from the same manufacturer. If daytime products contain protective components, then the effects of night-time products are more directed towards skin recovery. The texture of night creams is typically denser, therefore are completely unsuitable to use under a foundation for the day.

  1. Not using tonics in your skincare

The mistake that an overwhelmingly large number of women make is disregarding the use of a tonic – creams cannot substitute the properties of a good tonic. In fact, the main function of a toner is to prepare the skin for the application of that very same cream that you are using – it equalises the pH value of your skin, ensuring that the cream leaves a more effective result. Certain tonics, such as CRYOMEZO Complex MesoToner and MicellarToner, help to retain the moisture in your skin, giving it a healthy glow.

  1. Washing your face with hot water

This is one of the biggest errors that women with oily or combination skin can make. It seems that with washing your face with overly hot water, it helps – but this only lasts for a couple of hours and it begins to shine again.

The fact is our skin is a complex organ with the ability to self-regulate. Losing the top, protective layer causes the skin begins to lose the intensity to secrete sebum to restore its balance.

This can be solved by normalising secretion of sebum, for instance, the use of the serum ‘SeboBalance  and Moisturising’ of the PureGreen series, which not only soothes and cleanses, but also moisturises oily skin.

  1. Incorrect application of cosmetics

All cosmetic products are applied to the skin with gentle, patting movements. Stretching and vigorous movements can only affect the skin negatively – the tone of the skin and muscles, provoking the appearance of new wrinkles and other facial troubles.

  1. Moisturising or nutrition?

It is often believed that nutritional products are more effective in skincare, but moisturising are not. This opinion is often heard when regarding mature skin.

It’s an illusion – our skin, at any age, needs both hydration and nutrition, moreover, the maximum effect of caring for your skin can be obtained by alternating between the two combined products depending on an individual’s needs.

It is also extremely important to accurately determine your skin type, because we make mistakes by overapplying our skin with dense moisturisers if we consider that our skin is too dry, or we deprive our oily skin of the moisture it truly needs.