Thank the work of your hands with best care you can give them.

When wanting to look young and beautiful, we take intensive care of our face using those moisturising and nourishing cosmetics, but it is still important to remember that signs of aging is also visible in our hands.

So how do we take care of our hands so that they always shine with beauty and youth? First, remember that moisturising is simply not enough for complete hand care. When choosing hand care cosmetics, make sure that the product provides proper nutrition and protection to your skin. Do not forget that our hands, as well as our face, are exposed to the negative effects of the environment and UV rays. Therefore, appropriate care is important. For the colder weather, use more nourishing creams as moisturising hand cream can cause microcracks in the skin. You should apply the cream to your hands whenever possible: after a morning shower, before leaving the house or after cleaning. Make it a habit and your hands will forever be nourished and smooth!

Below we have compiled a small selection of the best hand care cosmetics that we have to offer. Make sure to read through its main components and ingredients – you never know if a specific component is the tailored remedy that you have been looking for.  

To begin with, you may want to try the dry elixir oil from Belcosmet created specifically for the care of your hands, nails and cuticles. The product consists of many active ingredients that not only moisturise and soften your skin, but also provide deep nourishment and protection. Crambe oil will restore the damage on your skin, making it soft and velvety. White peach oil soothes the skin, softening the cuticle, protecting it from dryness and irritation. Vitamin E accelerates the cell regeneration process, strengthening the nail, preventing brittleness and delamination. Squalene helps retain moisture in cells for a long period of time, preventing dryness and flaking. The elixir also provides protection against UV rays and help to lighten the existing signs of aging on your hands. The elixir oil is quickly absorbed and leaves no unpleasant, sticky feeling.

Pay attention to the Belita Super Moisturising Cream Serum – in addition to crambe, white peach and vitamin E, it also contains betaine, glycerin, hyaluronic acid. This is a combination of nourishing oils and natural moisturisers, leaving your hands feeling soft and supple.

You are probably familiar with the beneficial properties of sea buckthorn and its positive effect on your skin. If you still don’t own any sea buckthorn skincare product, try the BelKosmex Sea Buckthorn Protective Hand Cream. Sea buckthorn saturates your skin with essential nutrients, vitamins and fatty acids, which will provide your hands with proper nourishment, protection and hydration. Vitamins A, B, C, E, K, P, being powerful antioxidants, will have a healing effect, reducing inflammation and help prevent premature aging of your hands. The cream also includes coconut and shea butter to help moisturise the epidermis. Shea butter contains natural SPF – it protects your skin from photoaging and helps fight depigmentation on your hands. It also accelerates the production of natural collagen, which will visibly reduce fine lines and prevent the appearance of new ones.

Do you want a product that will not only provide nourishment and hydration, but also keep your skin protected from the cold winter weather? Check out the BelKosmex Super Nutritious Hand Cream. The hand cream in the Natural Origin line, enriched with natural oils, will provide the skin with maximum nutrition, as well as restoring its protective functions and preventing the appearance of microcracks. The cream contains almond, coconut, sunflower and shea butter. It will soothe your skin, eliminate irritation, enhance regeneration and help maintain optimal hydration levels.

Or do you prefer a more versatile product that is suitable for taking care of your hands and your body with it? Then you will appreciate the SPA oil for body and hands from Belcosmet. It’s perfect for moisturising and nourishing your skin, helping to eliminate flaking and speeding up the regeneration process. The oils of sweet almond, wheat germ and black cumin, which are part of the product, will improve the circulation of lymph and blood in the subcutaneous fat layer, which will help prevent the appearance of cellulite. The skin becomes soft, fresh, smooth and firm.

Well, now you know exactly what kind of care your hands need. Choose the best product for you, pamper your skin with quality cosmetics and enjoy the amazing results.