Summer is here - give your skin a break


Summer is not only a time of holidays, the warm sea and bright sunshine, but also a time of challenge for our skin. Sun exposure, dry air, heat, and dust can all damage the skin, making it drier and duller. At the end of the season, the skin needs maximum rest and care. It's pretty sensitive to changes in environmental factors, and our mission is to take care of its recovery.

In this period, care should be as delicate as possible, aiming to reinforce the skin's natural protective barrier and moisturise and soothe the skin.  

For cleansing, choose mild, nourishing textures. Milk for all skin types is ideal. It contains no harsh ingredients, soothes the skin gently and prevents flaky or irritated skin. To complete the cleansing phase and prepare the skin for further treatment, a toner is ideal. The choice of toner depends on the condition of your skin.  

The dry and sensitive skin tonic is ideal for skin prone to irritation and redness. It instantly relieves stress, eliminates discomfort, enriches the skin with moisture and gently soothes the skin.  

Biostimulant tonic with collagen and amino acids is perfect for atonic skin, which is not prone to irritation. It gives your skin freshness and powerful hydration and provides a rejuvenating effect.  

Make daily use of products aimed at replenishing the lack of moisturising substances and restoring the barrier function. Give preference to creams containing antioxidants.  

Anti-stress cream soothes sensitive skin, moisturises and speeds up renewal processes. In addition, the active complex with vitamin C and superoxide dismutase enzyme enhances cellular defence.  

Antioxidant cream restores a healthy glow to tired and dull skin, normalises the water balance, and soothes and calms the skin.  

For intensive care, choose highly concentrated serums and masks. They provide a powerful soothing and regenerating effect, deeply moisturise your skin and give you comfort and tenderness.  

We have taken care of you and created complete lines to restore your skin after summer, depending on its condition.  

Give your skin the gift of transformation with complete autumn care!

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