Best skincare products for oily skin

Let's talk about oily skin – how to detect it and what skincare is best for oily skin?

Usually, oily skin is vascular, has a shiny complexion, enlarged pores and blackheads. If you don't provide the proper care, this skin type is

prone to get covered with rash and even acne.

Every skin type demands a particular skincare routine. If you choose your products wisely, your skin will be healthy and good looking.

You should never, ever use drying products on oily skin. At first, yes, you will reach the desired outcome, your skin will not be shiny anymore, but then its condition will become worse. Choose creams that not only give a matte effect to your skin but also are moisturizing and nourishing.

The products below are one of the best skincare products for oily skin. Read the compositions and try to buy products with similar ingredients.

Pharmacos Dead Sea Matte Cream. This product contains 20 healing minerals that activate regenerative processes in the skin, prevent rashes and compensate for the lack of beneficial substances. These creams will shrink the pores, moisturize your skin and reduce the oiliness, giving your skin a matte and silky look. Sebum-Control complex revives the work of the sebaceous glands, and it contains hyaluronic acid, which will restore the hydro balance in all layers of your skin and fill the age and mimic wrinkles. Highly effective and exclusive component Epidermist will improve cellular renewal, visibly shrink the pores and reduce the growth of bacteria caused by rashes and breakouts. Your result will be smooth-looking and healthy skin.

For your daycare, you can try Pure Green Mattifying Cream Primer. This product will not only fix your make-up, but also nourish and moisturize your skin. This primer will make it easier to apply make-up, reduce the greasy shining, prevent the appearance of comedonal acne and normalize the work of the sebaceous glands. Green tea and cactus extract will help fight breakouts, and acnacidol will reduce the formation of sebum and prevent the spread of bacteria. Niacinamide will moisturize your skin, reduce small wrinkles and will help fight pigmentation.

The cream also contains Pore Reductyl concentrated botanical extract, which will provide an instant firming effect, making your skin look smooth and supple.

One of the main reasons why the skin can get greasy is the initial dryness of the skin; that is why it's recommended to involve moisturizing cream into your daily routine.

Hydro-Balancing Day Facial Cream OPTIMAL HYDRATION will help you eliminate the greasy shining and provide deep hydration. Aknacidol, aquaxil, lichiderm and glacial water of the Swiss Alps will effectively improve the protective functions of your skin, smoothen your skin tone, reduce the small wrinkles and protect your skin from the negative impact of the environment, ultraviolet rays and radicals.

The product is called "optimal hydration" for a reason. Thanks to the formula "smart moistening", the product regulates the level of hydration of the skin, taking into account the humidity of the environment. This allows you to use the cream in any climate and weather condition without worrying about the possible appearance of microcracks on the skin.

A complex approach to your skincare will help achieve the desired result faster. Use creams and cleansers designed for the oily skin type, and in a short amount of time, watch your face transform.

Pure Green Matte Freshness gel wash will cleanse your skin from pollutions, remove dead cells and give a perfect matte finish. The cactus extract will nourish your skin with moist and essential nutrients, reduce irritation and improve regeneration processes. Green tea has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that will soothe your skin, eliminate greasy shine and protect you from photo-ageing. Sebaril will help strengthen blood vessels, reduce the number of small wrinkles, and regulate sebum production.

If you're looking for a product that can give you an instant effect, you should try mattifying foundation «Instantly Smooth Skin» from Belita Young Skin. Due to unique technologies, this product will instantly make your skin look perfectly smooth and matte. The active components will fill uneven parts on your skin, prevent the appearance of greasy shine and ensure the tenacity of make-up. With this foundation, you will look stunning all day long, and be sure your skin won't let you down.

Usually, oily skin is inherited genetically, therefore your skincare should be regular and constant. Buy quality products, take care of your skin, and you will never see a greasy shine on your face again!