Beauty Rewards

Become a member and start to save money - you will be earning bonus points and exclusive rewards every time you shop!

Earn points every time you shop.

Redeem points at your convenience.

How to earn points.

Follow on Instagram - get 15 points
Subscribe to newsletter - get 50 points
Facebook share - get 25 points
Add social login - get 25 points
Leave review - get 15 points for each review!
Place order and get 3 points for every £1
Create account - get 50 points
Enter your birthday and receive a Birthday Gift - 100 points

How to use your points

Redeeming your hard-earned points is easy!

Simply apply your points for a discount at checkout!

EVERY 100 POINTS = £1.

Get 10% off discount with 1000 points

Get 15% off discount with 1500 points

You have plenty of time to redeem your points, they are valid for 6 months.


beauty rewards program at Belcosmet